Jacky Chen,Founder / Managing Partner


    MBA from Cornell University (US); Bachelor from Zhongshan University

Work Experience

    Over 20 years of experience in multinational companies and the investment sector. Previously held senior positions at Syngenta, Eaton China, A.T.Kearney, General Electric, Philips and Shell.

    Managing Director, CXC Capital

    Senior VP, GL Capital

    China Head, Olympus Capital                                                                               

    Awards and Honors

    Top 50 The Most Influential Investors, 2021 CHC China Healthcare Industry Investment and Financial Honor List

    Top 100 Best Investors, 2021 Person of The Year by Qi Ming Pian

    Top 10 Best Investors, 2021 Healthcare Investment by LP Club

    Best Healthcare Investor, the 5th Healthcare Investment Excellent List by Haoyue Capital

Investment Cases

    Ascentage Pharma (6855.HK), Henlius Biotech (2696.HK), Kintor Pharma (9939.HK), Basecare Medical (2170.HK), BrightGene (688166), Allist Pharma (688578), Kawin Technology (688687), Nano-Micro (688690), YHLO Biotech (688575), ShengNuo Biotech (688117), Zylox-Tonbridge (2190.HK), Quantum-Si (NASDAQ), Creative Sciences, PegBio, Smartee, Capitalbio Technology, Innovita, Lifereal, Ark Biosciences, Jingfeng Pharma (000908), BGI Genomics (300676), Kangning Hospital (2120.HK) etc.                                                                                              

Dr. Yi Lin,Managing Partner


    MBA from University of Chicago; PhD in molecular biology from Medical College of Columbia University; Bachelor in Biology from Peking University

Work Experience

    Years of successful management and investment experience in medicine and medical devices industries.

    Executive Director, Riverhead Capital:

    Managing Director, Korean Investment Partners

    Executive Director/Partner, ePlanet Ventures

    Executive Director, Mingxin China Growth Fund: 

    Co-founder/Director, Eastwin Life Sciences: 

    Senior Consultant, McKinsey

    Awards and Honors

    Top 100 Best Healthcare Investors, Qiming Technology, 24 Xinsheng

Investment Cases

    Creative Bioscience, Life Real, Shuwen, iXING, Dymind, HealthCare, DeepCyto, Jiankang, AIVFO, Innovita, YHLO (688575), Yingsheng, Rainsure, XABT, Tongshu Gene, Genskey, Panomix, H-Bio, Quantum Si (Nasdaq: QSI), Rongchang Bio (688331; HK9995), Pegbio, Yinglian Biopharma, Sorrento (Nasdaq: SRNE), iKang, 91huayi, First BCC, More, Kangfu Zhijia, Alltech, Mingsite, Yongyuan Shengwu, GumpTech, IAT, Kejingyuan, Xpeedic Technology, Caishuo

Dr. Haijun Dong,Partner


    PhD in Chemistry from the University of Washington

Work Experience

    Over 20 years of R&D and management experience in biopharma industry.

    Global CEO, BioDuro-Sundia

    CEO & Board Director, PharmaBlock

    Global Senior VP & Managing Director, DIA

    COO, Lilly China

    Founder & CEO, Impact Therapeutics

    Senior Principle Scientist, Roche

Investment Cases

    Leimin Gu,Partner


      Master of Medicine from School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Bachelor of Medicine from Medical College of Fudan Univeristy      

    Work Experience

      Over 20 years of medical devices marketing, manufacturing, R&D management and sales experience working in multi-national and domestic companies.

      China General Manager, US Headquarter Senior Director,  Depuy & Cordis, Johnson & Johnson China Medical Devices Company

      China VP, Philips Respironic, Philips Home Healthcare

      Global Senior VP, Greater China Senior VP, Biosensor International

      Managing Director, JW Medical Systems

      Board Director, Bluesail

      China General Manager, Nobel Biocare

      China President, OrbusNeich Medical Devices

      CEO, Meizhong Shuanghe Medical Equipment

      Independent Director of 1st Board, Allgens Medical

      Greater China General Manager, ConvaTech

      Independent Director, Beijing Tianzhu Changyun Medical Technology

    Investment Cases

      Deputy Director-General, China Association of Medical Equipment

      Deputy Director-General, Weihai Medical Devices Association

      Vice-Chairman of Medical Devices Committee, Chinese Stomatological Association

    Weipeng Gao,Partner


      EMBA from CEIBS; LLM from Peking University; BS in Economics from Beijing Technology and Business University

    Work Experience

      Over 20 years of experience in finance, law and investment. Over 6 years of law practice with a clientele including CDB and Xinda Asset Management.

      Managing Director, Eastern Link Capital

      Venture Partner, Abax Capital

      Executive Director, CXC Capital

    Investment Cases

      Sinobioway Medicine (002581), Snibe Diagnostic (300832), HC SemiTek (300323), Hengsheng Medical, Healthcare Bio , Qi hui Bio, GBS

    Ken Li,Partner


      MBA from Babson College; MS in Chemistry from the City University of New York; BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from West China Medical Center, Sichuan University

    Work Experience

      Over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing, management and investment.

      Chairman, Sunforest Capital

      Managing Partner, Yuanming Capital

      Partner, Mingxin China Growth Fund

      China General Manager, Chiral Quest

      Senior Scientist, Eisai Research Institute

      Scientist, Wyeth

    Investment Cases

      Enzymaster, Pharbers Genesis, Novaxelgen, InnoModels Bio, Readitec, United Imaging, CF PharmTech, Adlai Nortye, Sironax, Pharmacodia, Ascentage Pharma (06855.HK), Ansun, JW Therapeutics (02126.HK), Sonicmed, Yocaly Enterprise, Hengrui (600276), Innovent, Asymchem, Zai Lab (NASDAQ: ZLAB), BeiGene (688235), Porten (300363), SINQI (300573) and Tigermed (300347)

    Bo Ban,Partner


      Internationa MBA from Tsinghua University and MIT; BS in  Microbiology Pharmacy from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

    Work Experience

      Rich R&D, manufacturing, BD, marketing and investment experience in biotech industry.

      Partner, GTJIA Investment Group

      Investment Project Manager, Walvax Biotechnology (300142)

      Regional Head, Sales Department, Pfizer

      Department Head, Purification Department, Saike of China Resources

    Investment Cases

      Recbio (2179.HK), Genor Biopharma (6998.HK), Zerun Biotech, United imaging, Elpiscience, Neuexcell, Bioeast biotech,Resproly, Lancent-robitcs, Biocreatech, Seq-Hunt Biotechnology

    Dr. Jeff Cheng,Partner


      Post-doctoral research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School; PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Rice University; Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University

    Work Experience

      Over 15 years of experience in biomedical research and precision medicine. Published and co-published more than 20 academic papers.

      Chief Scientific Officer, Novogene

      China Site Head, Oncology Biomarker Development, Roche and Genentech

      Principal Investigator of In Vivo Oncology, BeiGene

    Investment Cases