Suzhou pioneer pharmaceutical get $10000000 Investment: investment Honghui capital



From right to left, in order to develop pharmaceutical, founder and chief scientific officer, Dr Guo innovation, pioneering and pharmaceutical industry, founder and President of TongYou Dr. Wang hui, hong CDH capital management and founding partners 

On July 17, 2015, "to develop pharmaceutical" from the focus on the health industry, get $10 million of capital investment. 


Suzhou to develop pharmaceutical co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a cancer drug research and development of high-tech innovation of enterprises, the company get star of lenovo and yuan venture capital investment institutions such as early. Company products include China in a new generation of inhibiting androgen receptors/breast cancer, prostate cancer drug resistance and used in the treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer targeted kinase inhibitors, etc. 


Develop pharmaceutical TongYou Dr, founder and President of Beijing university of chemical bachelor's and master's degree, and at Cornell university Sloan touring exhibit cancer center received a doctor's degree in pharmacology; In drug discovery, cancer biology and tumor animal models have a wealth of experience. Dr Tong also have rich experience, at the same time in the United States in 2002 to create Angion, will be a successful candidate drugs into clinical phase 2. 


Company co-founder and chief scientific officer, Dr Guo innovation as Peking University bachelor's degree in chemistry, organic chemistry from purdue university in 1998, Dr. Dr Guo multinational pharmaceutical companies in the United States has nearly 15 years of experience in new drug research and development, leadership multiple subjects and make multiple candidate drugs in clinical stage of development, and in the field of synthesis and drug design and has published more than 50 papers and patents, as a number of international academic journal eva1uation. The two are the national "one thousand project" expert Dr. 


Develop key drugs in pharmaceutical research and development products is 1.1, amine drugs poke lu, is the second generation of Androgen receptors (Androgen Receptor, AR) antagonist, it is mainly used for the treatment of patients with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer. Research topic of this project in 2011, was included in the national major drug discovery "twelfth five-year" plan, many enterprises is to undertake the project of "one of the smallest and shortest time for set up enterprises". Lu amine was poke on March 15, 2015, approved by the Chinese for the I - phase III clinical trials (exemption) for examination and approval of in stages 


Hong CDH capital is one of the focus on health industry professional fund. Similar to develop pharmaceutical, belongs to the veteran xinchuan "of the company, the managing partner of wang hui, had Ren Dinghui vc senior partner, and in 2013 became the youngest CDH investment committee. Since 2009, wang hui in CDH dominated the yasuhiro miyata pharmaceutical (430140) (002773), a new way, angel maternity hospital, children's hospital in the new century, evercare plastic h shares, corning psychiatric hospital, Beijing hospital, such as the Thai medical project. Hong CDH, founding partner of zhao, who graduated from the founding, worked in haidian hospital doctor. More than another partner who come from famous fosun pharma industry institutions, a former investment department general manager. The two partners is in the medical industry is known for his pioneering sound investment bankers, in previously dominated the dean diagnosis mechanism (300244), mental state apparatus (300206) new (002405), four dimensional figure, derrick medical (300396), Beijing high-quality companies such as h shares, love, depending on the eye. 


Hong CDH capital management, a $200 million fund and a fund of 1 billion RMB, since it was founded in 2014, has invested in a diving medical (002223), WenTai orthopaedics, linhua.she medical, the colorful, horse Long dental, medical network, Cui Yutao child health center, Beijing h shares a batch of high-quality projects, etc. 


Yihong CDH capital in the near future, into the whole pharmaceutical industry (832159).