Hong Wen ,Chief Scientist


    Fudan University, BS

    American Indiana University, Master in Biochemistry

    Purdue University, Pharm.D

    18 years experience of domestic and foreign drug companies and FDA

    Chief Scientist in Livzon, responsible for the chemical R&D and the distribution of biopharmaceutical

    FDA Senior Director for R&D of Drug, responsible for regulatory drug development and post-marketing investigation

    Novartis and Pfizer, director of the Novartis Clinical Phase Program, core member of Scientific and Technological Committee,

    Standing Committee member of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) special committee of Translational Medicine

Work Experience

    Led and participated in 32 clinical stages of innovative drug R&D and declaration, of which 9 innovative drugs listed in Europe and the United States, such as Signifor® LAR, Valturna®, EntrestoTM, Diovan®, Torisel®

    Published more than 80 papers/patents/academic reports, and a monograph on drugs

    Eight FDA awards, over 100 drug-related reviews, leading and participating in the development of two industry generic guidelines and multiple specific drug guidelines

    The honorary title of Novartis for Life “Novartis Leading Scientist”

Investment Cases