Jacky Chen ,Founder / Managing Partner


    MBA from Cornell University (US); Bachelor from Zhongshan University

Work Experience

    With 20 years of experience in multinational companies and investment sector. Previously held the positions of Business Development Director, China Head, Investment VP and Managing Director at:

    MNCs such as A.T.Kearney, SHELL, General Electric, Philips, and Syngenta

    CXC Capital, Managing Director (200M USD fund)

    GL Capital, Senior VP (450M USD fund)

    Olympus Capital, China Head (1 billion USD fund)

Investment Cases

    Pharma: Jingfeng Pharma (IPO),PegBio, Jingfeng Pharma, Kawin, Ascentage, ArkBio, NeuPharma

    Healthcare Services: Arrail Dental, Zhejiang Kangning Hospital (IPO), FMD, JHL, BrightGene, Chiral Quest

    Medical Device: MID Labs, Scanadu, Percutek, KingstronBio, United Imaging, LenoMed, POCTech

    IVD: BGI Genomics, Creative Sciences, Life Real