Elon Musk "endorsements" Scanadu Scout complete B round of $35 million in financing, fosun international, tencent, capital investment in broadband


News from the WSJ, focus on signs data monitoring equipment development Scanadu start-up companies in the United States has just completed B round of $35 million in financing, the melting amount will further advance Scout equipment of clinical trials. 


It is important to note that this is led by China's fosun international, tencent, broadband, IGlobe capital Partners, Sungent BioVenture as well as the last round of investment institutions Relay Ventures and AME Cloud joint Ventures with pitch. 


Scanadu in 2013 launched a signs data monitor Scout, its shape is a circle small, there are independent of the operating system, including the gyroscope, electrode, light-emitting diodes, accelerometer, and other sensors. Users just stick it on the forehead to 10 seconds, you can monitor the user's heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, breathing rate, blood pressure, electrocardiogram (ecg) and physical indicators such as mood swings and will form a complete set of data transfer to the user smartphone APP. 


Elon Musk "iron man" in 2012 became the first experience of Scout has just come out, and after the experience of the eva1uation is: "this is what the world needs products." 


In July 2013, Scanadu Scout broke the record of all the Indiegogo raise, in a month's time to raise $1.66 million, 1988, 1662% more than the raise goal. Now Scanadu are Indiegogo prior to the completion of orders for shipment. 


Currently, Scanadu Scout has received FDA approval as a "research equipment" (Investigational device), means that it can be used under the environment of research and clinical trials. In addition, Scanadu also is trying to get the United States and China medical instrument equipment. The fosun, tencent and broadband capital investment, there is no doubt will bring help to the Scanadu to develop the Chinese market.